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Claddings & Other Mouldings

Softwood exterior wall cladding is durable and precision finished. This allows you to have flexibility on the finish and style you want to achieve as it can be stained, varnished, painted and treated.

Softwood Cladding

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19mm x 100mm PTG V-Joint

16.7mm x 125mm Shiplap Tanalised

22mm x 125mm Loglap Tanalised

Other Mouldings

25mm x 75mm Dado Rail

25mm x 63mm Dado Rail

25mm x 50mm Picture Rail

32mm x 225mm Window Board

50mm x 50mm Mopstick

Thermowood Cladding

25mm x 125mm T&G Shiplap

25mm x 125mm PTG V-Joint

25mm x 150mm Channel Cladding

25mm x 150mm Tapered Cladding

25mm x 100mm Smooth Sides R4C

50mm x 50mm Smooth Sides R4C

Please note all sizes are nominal

Please contact us for latest prices and stock availability

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