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Small Mouldings

Decorative mouldings hold the power to add the perfect finishing touch as well as change the overall feel of a room. Whether you are looking for a panel mould, dado rail, cover mould, barrel mould,
broken ogee or even double astragal,
P&P Timber have the perfect decorative timber moulding for you.

Softwood Mouldings - In stock

Click onto the TM number to see the mould...

12mm x 12mm Scotia - TM730

15mm x 15mm Scotia - TM731

15mm x 21mm Scotia - TM735

14mm x 42mm Scotia - TM734

18mm x 18mm Scotia - TM732

21mm x 21mm Scotia - TM733

30mm x 30mm Scotia - TM978

8mm x 30mm Cover Mould -TM560

15mm x 21mm Staff Bead - TM650

8mm x 21mm Parting Bead - TM651

9mm x 15mm Glazing Bead - TM572

8mm x 21mm Half Round - TM591

6mm x 18mm Half Round - TM590

18mm x 18mm Cushion Corner - TM501

21mm x 21mm Cushion Corner - TM502

30mm x 30mm Cushion Corner - TM510

9mm x 9mm Dowel - TM531

12mm x 12mm Dowel - TM532

15mm x 15mm Dowel - TM533

18mm x 18mm Dowel - TM534

21mm x 21mm Dowel - TM535

25mm x 25mm Dowel - TM536

8mm x 21mm PAR Stripwood - TM627

9mm x 9mm Quadrant - TM949

12mm x 12mm Quadrant - TM950

15mm x 15mm Quadrant - TM951

18mm x 18mm Quadrant - TM952

21mm x 21mm Quadrant - TM953

8mm x 21mm Ogee Panel Mould - TM973

9mm x 28mm Ogee Panel Mould - TM775

9mm x 21mm Barrell Mould - TM795

12mm x 31mm Decorative Mould - TM975

9mm x 34mm D-Mould - TM597

6mm x 18mm D-Mould - TM595

12mm x 34mm Double Astragal - TM521

9mm x 21mm Double Astragal - TM520

20mm x 41mm Dado Rail - TM480

28mm x 69mm Dado Rail - TM486

20mm x 45mm Dado Rail - TM482

Please note all sizes are finish sizes

Please contact us for latest prices and stock availability

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